The Boat

“The Boat” is a piano piece based upon a theme I wrote some time ago and had been returning to and developing periodically. It is a very serene and calm melody and I enjoy sitting at the piano and playing it when looking for moments of peace. It makes me think of being out on a boat, the relaxation one feels and the sense of calmness. It is as though the world stops for a few moments and you can enjoy the freedom that comes from being out on the water.

I found this video footage on an old family cine film taken on the Norfolk Broads, a beautiful part of England. I love the fact that it transports you to a seemingly tranquil and idyllic world, a world where the pace of life is slower and the stresses of modern-day living do not apply. A world where new skills are being learned, a world characterised by joy and fun. I know this is a bit escapist, and almost certainly idealistic, but I think that it’s really important to have these moments in our lives where we can sit back and switch off from the daily stresses of work, family life, etc.. Times where we can dream a bit! It is these times that modern life too easily squeezes out and yet I find that it is in these moments that we are able to connect with some of our deeper thoughts and feelings.

I hope that the video and the music give you a moment of peace and contemplation in this crazy world.

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