The Hannah Dunnett 2022 Christian Calendars are now available.
This year there are 2 different calendars – our large calendar and a NEW compact Slimline Calendar. All of these calendars feature Hannah’s exquisite illustrations intertwined with religious texts.

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Showing all 2 results

Christian Calandars

Christian Calendars

A calendar is a useful item of stationery that displays dates, usually in a table format, allowing users to plan and track future events. A typical format will include days of the week, weeks, months and any relevant public holidays. There will be sufficient space in the daily fields to add important information.

Keeping track of the days can be fun and pleasant thanks to a lovely calendar. Spend time planning in exciting events, future trips and holidays, charting birthdays and special occasions with our unique Christian calendars collection.

Our gorgeous holy calendars are illustrated by Christian artist Hannah Dunnett. Her delightful hand-painted watercolor designs will be sure to brighten up every day, each page decorated with a reminder of God’s ever-present love and support.

Our religious calendars offer an everyday reminder of God’s all-encompassing love, and the wisdom and guidance that always surrounds us. Hannah’s strength of faith guides her paintbrush, as swathes of color flow onto paper creating soothing scenes and familiar favourites including bright bobbing boats, pretty pastel parks and serene seascapes. Each month is accompanied by one of Hannah’s original watercolor designs, with favourite scripture and verse woven through.

Each of our inspirational planner designs looks great hanging on the wall in any home or office space, whether you’re keeping a large family in check or want to remember birthdays and events for friends and loved ones.

We’re passionate about infusing our faith into everyday items in a beautiful and creative way. Through sharing God’s word within stunning artwork we hope to brighten everyday chores and inspire even the most mundane of life’s many tasks and to-dos.

Shop our wonderful collection of Christian calendar now, ready for the new year. We have two lovely designs to choose from – our large A3 calendar (ideal as the focal point in a family room or kitchen) and compact Slimline Calendar. Suitable for big families, couples and children. Packs are also available, so you can give them as gifts or distribute to loved ones to help them stay organised.