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Christian Journals & Christian Diaries – each one featuring one of Hannah’s exquisite religious illustrations on the cover.

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Christian Journals

Writing a diary or keeping a journal is one of the most meaningful and productive ways we can reflect and ponder life for our own personal growth, development and progression. Studies have even shown journaling to increase mindfulness and appreciation for life. Spiritually and emotionally this form of reflection can be incredibly soothing and supportive.

The cathartic process of journaling and writing diaries is closely linked to the Christian faith. Indeed, the original creators of the Bible did so by noting down the events they witnessed and their thoughts, feelings and understandings about them. As Christians we are actively encouraged to reflect upon our daily blessings and struggles, to find meaning in them and ultimately grow from them for the greater good. One can express gratitude, identify patterns, speak from your heart and heal the mind through the simple act of documenting your thoughts and feelings in a journal.

Our beautiful collection of A5 hardback Christian Journals is ideal for fledgeling writers and experienced Christian diarists alike. Beautifully illustrated by talented Christian artist Hannah Dunnett, each one features inspiring scripture to motivate and help stimulate creativity. There are twelve lovely designs to choose from, taken from Hannah’s original vibrant watercolors. Variations include Amazing Grace, Times and Seasons, In You I Trust and Great Delight. Matching items are also available across our collections.

These religious Journals are incredibly versatile and can make wonderful gifts. They are also suitable for children and teenagers.
Record thoughts and prayers within their crisp white pages, connect with God and find solace in the peaceful activity of journaling. Each generously-sized journal contains 192 lined pages.