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Christian Art Prints. Choose from a variety of sizes and framing options. All our frames are made from solid wood and come in white or oak.

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Showing all 8 results

Art is one of the most beautiful mediums through which we can express our faith – indeed every form of creativity is a wonderful way to connect with God. Talented duo Ben and Hannah Dunnett truly believe in the power of creativity as a method of channelling and celebrating our love for God and sharing the stories of the Bible. They use music and art to personify their faith, sharing it with others as a way to spread hope, love and inspiration.

Authentic and inspiring, our exclusive collection of prints is a celebration of Christian art. Hannah’s whimsical and child-like style is truly unique – and the vistas she paints depict peaceful pastures, cosy homes and seaside scenes. The cheerful, bright colours delight and excite, whilst the gentle, pastel tones soothe and comfort. From rolling hills to warm firesides and stormy seas, there’s something for everyone.

Our Christian art print collection feature handpicked bible verses, scripture and hymns to foster reflection and act as a reminder of the all-encompassing nature of God’s love. We carefully select each one to perfectly match the artwork it sits within.

Placed upon the wall in your bedroom, kitchen or living space, these beautiful Wall Arts serve as an attractive reminder of the power of our faith and the love that surrounds us at all times. They can be drawn upon in times of need, or for inspiration and motivation.

This versatile selection of Christian Wall Art Prints can be purchased unframed or framed. Our frames are made of solid wood, available in a painted white or beautiful oak finish. All are different shapes and sizes, suitable for all areas of the home. Our prints are also suitable for children – perfectly placed in bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries.

Shop now for yourself or for a gorgeous gift for a loved one, family or friend. Our art prints are inspired and would like great in any household, apartment, school or office.